Download this file.  It can be opened as Excel.  Save the data in a folder.  Instruct R with setwd to look for this file in the folder you saved Ruppin.csv.

This code reads Ruppin.csv and runs meta analysis.  The results are shown with forest plot.  One forest plot use the default values of forest function.  The other one is modified with title and the whole spiel.

This code generates a random sample of 10 studies where the effect size in the population is correlation of .10.  it shows how to run a simple meta analysis on these studies with the package meta.  In addition, it shows how to calculate an effect size with the package, and with a web page calculator.

This is your example for running a simple meta analysis on correlations.

This code shows you how to run a meta analysis on d values and printing a nice forest plot.

This gives an example for subgroup analysis with the package metafor being used by the package meta.

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